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Boxing Weight Classes Explained

In boxing, a weight class is an estimation weight territory for fighters. The lower furthest reaches of a weight class is equivalent to the class’ upper weight limit underneath it. With no furthest breaking point, the top class is called heavyweight in expert confining and super heavyweight beginner boxing. A bout is typically booked for a fixed weight class, and every fighter’s weight should not surpass as far as possible. Albeit proficient fighters may battle over their weight class, a beginner fighter’s weight should not fall beneath as far as possible. A nonstandard weight limit is known as a catchweight.

Boxing’s 17 complete weight classes range from the humble 105-pound dynamos to the 200-, 300-pound heavyweight beasts. Intended to restrict the quantity of befuddles between adversaries of various sizes, throughout the long term the quantity of weight classes has developed from the first eight divisions (flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, welterweight, middleweight, junior middleweight and heavyweight) to the 17 divisions utilized today.

A fighter may battle various sessions at various weight classes. The pattern for experts is to climb to a higher class as they age. Winning titles at various weight classes to turn into a “numerous heroes” is viewed as a critical accomplishment. In novice boxing, sessions are a lot more limited and considerably more successive, and fighters battle at their “normal” weight.

One fighter is supposed to be better “pound for pound” than another in the event that he is viewed as better due than their distinction in weight. Hypothetical examinations of fighters’ benefits in various weight classes are a famous point for boxing fans, with a comparative theoretical appeal to looking at sports figures from various times; in the two cases, the contenders would never confront each other in all actuality.

In principle, this establishes a more secure climate for serious bouts and offers an opportunity for warriors who might somehow be a smidgen too little or altogether too enormous for one of the first divisions to become champions.

Here, we separate each weight class the way things are today, noticing the truly amazing contenders who are commended by history specialists as the division’s best just as the news-production warriors contending there today. Above all, look at additional about us and our boxing classes.

Weigh-in Explained

A fighter who is over as far as possible may strip stripped to make the weight if the abundance is insignificant; something else, in an expert session, one can attempt again later, normally subsequent to getting more fit meanwhile through parchedness by lively exercise in a steam room. On the off chance that the overabundance weight is too extraordinary, the exertion consumed attempting to “make weight” will make the fighter unsuitable for the actual battle. In such cases the battle might be dropped with the overweight fighter authorized or the battle may continue as a catchweight non-title battle.

The International Boxing Federation (IBF) has a one of a kind say something strategy in title battles. Notwithstanding making the load at the authority say something the day preceding the battle, the fighters should submit to a weight beware of the morning of the battle. The contender should gauge close to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) over the battle’s weight limit during this later say something. In the event that a fighter skirts the morning say something or neglects to make weight around then, the battle can in any case continue, yet the IBF title won’t be in question. In heavyweight title battles, the second say something is as yet obligatory, however since there could be no upper weight limit in that class, a fighter must be authorized for neglecting to submit to the say something.

A novice fighter should make the load at the underlying say something; there is no chance to attempt again later. There is a “general say something” before the beginning of the competition and a “every day say something” on the morning of every one of a warrior’s sessions. At the general say something, the contender should be between the weight class’ upper and lower limits; just as far as possible is implemented at the every day say something. A warrior outside the cutoff at the underlying say something might be permitted to battle in an alternate class if there is space in the competition. At significant occasions, for example, boxing at the Olympics, there is a restriction of one fighter for each country per weight class.

List of Weight Classes

Strawweight (Minimum Weight)

Weight Limit: 105 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Historians frequently tab Mexico’s Ricardo Lopez as the best least weight contender ever. His undefeated boxing vocation (51-0-1) incorporated a long term run as champion with 22 title guards against hefty resistance. Other significant figures incorporate Cuba’s smooth moving Ivan Calderon and Thailand’s Chana Porpaoin.

Top Fighters Today: Converted muay Thai fighter Knockout CP Freshmart is likely the best strawweight pirate earth at the present time, and he’s without a doubt the one with the coolest boxing epithet (his given name is Thammanoon Niyomtrong). Wanheng Menayothin and Byron Rojas are likewise forces to be reckoned with in a most mainstream division outside the United States’ limits.

Junior Flyweight

Weight Limit: 108 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Jung-Koo Chang was a hard-hitting, South Korean dynamo who managed the 1980s with an iron clench hand, while Michael Carbajal’s wonderful specialized ability and deafening force punching against Chiquita Gonzalez in 1993 presumably earned the freshly discovered division regard among standard boxing fans. Both are similarly venerated in boxing hovers as unsurpassed greats.

Top Fighters Today: Undefeated Japanese contenders Ken Shiro and Kosei Tanaka have all the earmarks of being very nearly making names for themselves in their country. Simultaneously, Mexico’s Pedro Guevara stays a pertinent option in a division frequently connected with contenders from outside the United States.

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Weight Limit: 112 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Great Britain’s Jimmy Wilde is viewed as probably the best warrior in boxing history. He actually holds boxing’s most expanded success streak absolute at 103, and when he resigned in 1923, he was one of boxing’s most dearest pugilists. An unmistakable difference was Mexico’s Pancho Villa, who kicked the bucket at the youthful age of 23 yet set himself as quite possibly the most skilled warriors ever in a three-year proficient profession.

Top Fighters Today: Today’s flyweight division isn’t what it was only a year or two prior, with large numbers of the top stars climbing in weight, yet Japanese warriors Kazuto Ioka and Daigo Higa, close by Filipino jug rocket Donnie Nietes, actually give a lot of activity pressed energy for flyweight fans.

Junior Bantamweight

Weight Limit: 115 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: The 1980s were full of quality junior bantamweight bouts, and the cream of the crop was from Thailand. The heavily muscled Khaosai Galaxy defended his belt 19 times during that time frame, and tough-guy Gilberto Roman proved the division in a complementary manner to make the era one of the best in 115-pound history.

Top Fighters Today: Today’s junior bantamweight field is just as impressive. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai supplanted longtime little fighter kingpin Roman Gonzalez as the division’s best. The rugged Juan Francisco Estrada and “Little Monster” Naoya Inoue are rounding out a field of four fighters as good as any in the sport today.


Weight Limit: 118 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Suffering only two losses in almost 80 fights, Brazilian bantamweight Eder Jofre usually tops historical lists at 118 pounds. His impressive power allowed him to amass 50 knockouts throughout his career. Meanwhile, George Dixon, the first African-American man to hold a world title in the sport, was seen by his peers as the best fighter of the 19th century.

Top Fighters Today: Rising stars Ryan Burnett and Luis Nery are attempting to carve out their share of the championship pie before the inevitable invasion of Rungvisai, Inoue and Estrada make their jobs more challenging than ever. Former titleholders Juan Carlos Payano and Rau’shee Warren still loom large as legitimate divisional threats, too.

Junior Featherweight (Super Bantamweight)

Weight Limit: 122 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: The last part of the 1990s and mid 2000s incorporated the division’s brilliant period, with Mexican adversaries Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales cementing themselves as two of the unsurpassed best contenders at 122. In any case, the best junior featherweight was most likely Wilfredo Gomez, an awkward, super serious, traditionally talented fighter who wore the pants 20 years earlier.

Top Fighters Today: For as far back as couple of years, the lesser featherweight division has been undefeated Cuban star Guillermo Rigondeaux, the lineal hero, and every other person. The shrewd southpaw is quick, ground-breaking and amazingly gifted. His capacity to conveniently crush whatever opposition is given to him has kept other name warriors endeavoring to usurp his power. Jessie Magdaleno and Rey Vargas are nearly new names that may have the option to stem the tide soon.


Weight Limit: 126 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Willie Pep is by and large viewed as the best featherweight ever and the best guarded fighter ever. His extravagant footwork and extraordinary avoiding abilities made him a bad dream for hostile disapproved of rivals, even against truly huge war machines like Sandy Saddler, who Pep crushed in 1949 when Pep was plainly over the hill.

Top Fighters Today: Leo Santa Cruz and Carl Frampton, who have part against one another in a two-battle arrangement, lead a stacked featherweight scene brimming with fierce characters. The supernatural quick Gary Russell Jr., a great actual example, and the very much voyaged Abner Mares help give this division a plenty of charming expressive matchups for fans to appreciate for a couple of years.

Junior Lightweight (Super Featherweight)

Weight Limit: 130 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: The latest generally extraordinary junior lightweight was Floyd Mayweather Jr. He was generally forceful at 130 pounds, where his characteristic athletic expertise against comparative estimated rivals was simply a lot to deal with. In any case, with individual greats Alexis Arguello, Julio Cesar Chavez and Flash Elorde being so outstanding at what they did, it’s difficult to pinpoint any one contender being especially in a way that is better than another.

Top Fighters Today: Most specialists consider champion Vasyl Lomachenko to be pound-for-pound world class. The totally adjusted southpaw professional mixes exact planning with master footwork to overpower most everybody he has battled to date. However, more established robust Orlando Salido, a savage blend puncher, actually poses a potential threat as a danger to Lomachenko by his choice success over Loma in 2014.


Weight Limit: 135 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: There’s been no greater lightweight than Panama’s Roberto Duran. He was the ideal mix of savagery and ability and was practically incredible at 135 pounds. Other verifiably astounding lightweights incorporate expert class fighter Benny Leonard and spearheading specialized intellectual Joe Gans.

Top Fighters Today: After a short delay because of special clashes, Mikey Garcia has reaffirmed his hang on the lightweight mantle through a proceeded with show of exact specialized dominance and shrewd footwork. Then, the physically skilled Jorge Linares is riding a tsunami of resurged greatness to make a case for being probably the best lightweight on the planet today.

Junior Welterweight (Super Lightweight)

Weight Limit: 140 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Aaron Pryor was a fearsome fighter puncher who ran roughshod of junior welterweight rivalry in the mid 1980s. He was so skilled and dreaded he neglected to make sure about sessions against other comparative weight greats of that time period like Sugar Ray Leonard. Then, Julio Cesar Chavez, additionally recorded among the best junior lightweights, was similarly just about as considerable as a lesser welterweight.

Top Fighters Today: Lineal hero Terence Crawford is the ideal battling machine. He can battle similarly hazardous from both the standard and southpaw position, and he has a propensity for conveying concussive outcomes. Other top junior welterweights incorporate Mikey Garcia and Sergey Lipinets.

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Weight Limit: 147 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: While ongoing history has given us the amazing preferences of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, the most verifiably critical welterweights incorporate names like Sugar Ray Robinson, Henry Armstrong and Sugar Ray Leonard. Robinson, specifically, is frequently hailed as the best contender in any weight class ever. He was quick, sound and could take his adversaries out with one or the other hand.

Top Fighters Today: The two best welterweights on the planet today are Errol Spence and Keith Thurman. Spence is a hard-accusing body puncher of superb reflexes and a mean streak. Thurman is a fighter puncher with colossal knockout force in his correct hand and coasting footwork. Other top welterweights incorporate Shawn Porter, Danny Garcia and a maturing Manny Pacquiao.

Junior Middleweight (Super Welterweight or Light Middleweight)

Weight Limit: 154 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Contemporaries who never confronted each other to dole out the retribution, both Thomas Hearns and Mike McCallum, are possibility for the best junior middleweight title ever. Hearns’ visit at the weight was brief yet astounding. His boxing expertise and punching power at the weight alone made him practically difficult to overcome. McCallum was atypical in a one of a kind way: He was throughout brilliant at pretty much every aspect of the game.

Top Fighters Today: Southpaw Cuban Erislandy Lara has for some time been viewed as the most awesome aspect the bundle, however previous stablemate Jermell Charlo’s new force flood has many battle fans contemplating whether Charlo has outperformed Lara as the division’s hardest out. Then, Jarrett Hurd is ludicrously huge for the division and has slashed down his adversaries as though they were trees. Hurd, obviously, is the hatchet.


Weight Limit: 160 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Both Carlos Monzon and Marvin Hagler appreciated marvelous title rules as middleweight champions, however this truly profound weight class likewise incorporates any semblance of a more established yet fabulous Sugar Ray Robinson, just as a youthful and ethereally remarkable Roy Jones Jr., Add to the blend the mechanical accuracy and long title rule of Bernard Hopkins, and you have one of the better lots of divisional ability ever.

Top Fighters Today: Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin fought to an attract September, leaving numerous individuals actually pondering who the best middleweight on the planet is today. Simultaneously, both Billy Joe Saunders and Daniel Jacobs are battling at their pinnacles. The middleweight division is bolted and stacked for a long time to come, and both of those four could be the man to prove to be the best.

Super Middleweight

Weight Limit: 168 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: Recent history has given the two best instances of super middleweight greatness. Both Joe Calzaghe and Andre Ward resigned undefeated and on top of the game. Calzaghe was a quick given, stinging puncher who boxed with a one of a kind musicality and rhythm. Ward was an immaculate illustration of unadulterated central boxing. His structure was similarly amazing as any warrior ever, and he had beguiling force in two hands.

Top Fighters Today: Undefeated Mexican Gilberto Ramirez is a hurricane of movement. He, close by James DeGale, George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. should make for engaging, fashionable boxing presentations for the following not many years. Ramirez will in general carry the most offense to the table, while the other three warriors are better at picking their spots.

Light Heavyweight

Weight Limit: 175 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: During the last part of the 1940s and mid 1950s, Ezzard Charles battled a’s who of sturdy rivalry at 175 pounds to have a special interest as the most awesome aspect an age. Furthermore, what an age it was. Charles’ opposition included Archie Moore, Charles Burley and Joey Maxim. In the interim, 1980s incredible Michael Spinks demonstrated the most amazing aspect an intense bundle, as well, and ultimately proceeded to turn into the main light heavyweight to catch the heavyweight crown in 1985.

Top Fighters Today: Lethal punching southpaw Adonis Stevenson has for quite some time been the lineal boss at 175 pounds, yet his decision of long cutbacks and intermediary resistance is off-putting. Sergey Kovalev, a mean and cunning force puncher, is the genuine fan top choice. He punches with extreme purpose and realizes how to run his adversaries into hard hands. Also, quick rising star Artur Beterbiev and Dimitri Bivol should make 175 more charming than any time in recent memory.


Weight Limit: 200 pounds

Top Historical Fighters: One of boxing’s lesser-known realities to a standard games crowd is that Evander Holyfield, notwithstanding being one of the better heavyweights ever, is overall viewed as the best cruiserweight ever. During the 1980s, Holyfield ruled and brought together the division in a manner that had never been finished. Just David Haye, another great cruiserweight during the 2000s, had the option to win all the significant title belts in the division to coordinate Holyfield’s accomplishment.

Top Fighters Today: The cruiserweight division frequently gives energizing matches, however the sessions are elusive on TV for American fans, as it has become an especially abroad illicit relationship. Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk and Russian Murat Gassiev give off an impression of being the best cruiserweights today, with veterans Denis Lebedev and Krzysztof Glowacki balancing as strong competitors.


Weight Limit: Unlimited

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Top Historical Fighters: The two biggest heavyweights ever are Joe Louis and Muhammad Ali. Louis actually holds the record for effective title guards (25) and is considered by numerous individuals to be the best hostile warrior ever. In the interim, Ali’s quick hands and astounding reflexes accumulated him the heavyweight crown multiple times during maybe the division’s most brilliant time-frame. Other verifiably extraordinary heavyweights incorporate the main dark heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson; Jack Dempsey, a warrior who equaled baseball’s Babe Ruth in prevalence in the mid twentieth century; and Rocky Marciano, the lone heavyweight champion to resign (and stay resigned) undefeated.

Top Fighters Today: Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder are viewed as the world’s two best heavyweights today. Each making a case for a part of the heavyweight title, Joshua is a major, solid and in a general sense strong heavyweight who analyzes pleasantly to previous record-breaking extraordinary Lennox Lewis. More stunning, then again, is an athletic oddity with silly striking force in two hands. Cuba’s Luis Ortiz and New Zealand’s Joseph Parker are additionally hot items in an inexorably energizing division, and previous lineal victor Tyson Fury stays on the rebound trail, as well.


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