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Want to Improve Your Punching Speed!? Our Top 6 Tips!

One of the most valuable assets you can possess in boxing, regardless of the facet you compete in, is speed. Although it is not the only thing that matters, the fact that you have a better chance of winning a battle if you are faster than your opponent is a significant factor. However, if you can expand one of those key abilities, then it gives you a significantly improved possibility of winning. The best warriors need to have a lot of different facets to their boxing abilities, but you can give yourself a significant advantage by expanding one of those key abilities. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an example of a warrior who took advantage of his speed and decimated impact. Although he may call himself “The Best Ever,” which is a title many would question and concur with, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an illustration of a warrior who took advantage of his speed. Even though he had slowed down a little bit as he got more established, he was still perhaps the speediest warrior around even when he was 40 years old, and he was aware of the significance of that fact. If you watch his fight with Arturo Gatti from the past, you will see his incredible speed at its most extreme level. Gatti couldn’t see the shots until they hit him in the face, which was shockingly difficult to watch. It is obvious, however, that the speed of Mayweather’s punches was not the only factor that contributed to his victory in that fight. It was also the punch determination, ring creation, speed of his body, and the multitude of other abilities that he possessed. On the other hand, Mayweather would not have been as acceptable without his speed; therefore, is this something that can be improved upon? To be honest, yes. On the other hand, just like with power, there is a limit to how far it can go before it breaks. You and I will never have the opportunity to run faster than Usain Bolt’s record, but you can figure out how to increase your run speed and compete with him. You can try every trick in the book, but there’s a possibility that you’ll never be able to coordinate like Amir Khan. You can, however, get better, and the training we provide at our recreation centres for boxing is directly related to that. As we look at how to speed up, we will also look at our top five tips for throwing a quick jab.

1. Fitness

The answer is not wellness but goodness. Diet and exercise are the two most important components of an effective speed training program for punching. Boxing is the only sport in the world where it is impossible to take any alternative routes to victory. If there were ever a game like this, it would be boxing. Although throwing an uppercut requires a significant amount of effort, the amount of effort required to throw a quick jab is significantly higher. If you picture yourself on the punching bag, you most likely throw hits with approximately 80% of your effort, whereas your larger punches are likely thrown with 100%. Those punches that only land 80% of the time aren’t doing much damage, and the ones that land 100% of the time may be thrown with a lot of wind-ups so that your opponent can see them coming. It is not difficult to slip into a state of carelessness regarding your hit, as it may appear that it is not so significant sometimes, and you may be able to tolerate taking a little bit off. However, if you have the required level of health, repeatedly snapping out of a hit can become a powerful weapon in a fight. It is because repeated hits can cause more damage than a single hit. In addition to having the health to throw punches while expending maximum effort continuously, you also need to have the option to throw toxic punches late in the rounds and have the health to throw regular punches. Nothing brings you down more slowly than showing signs of weakness. If your lungs aren’t able to supply you with enough oxygen during Round 2, it is pointless to have the option to pull off a spectacular hit during your preparation. To be able to communicate effectively, speed requires good health, so make sure that you are maintaining your intense focus training. In the normal course of events, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by going to bed as quickly as possible. There is no better way to prepare to have the health to be able to throw quick punches than by consistently engaging in the activity oneself. When you’re in the gym, you should make sure that you’re giving it your best effort, and you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of throwing those 80% shots because they won’t be of any use to you when you’re a fighter.

Fitness Summary:

  • Perform a vigorous physical activity.
  • Ideal training consists of rapid punching on the bag interspersed with brief breaks.
  • Give it your all in the gym.

2. Forget About Muscle

Is it not the case that it gives off an alluring vibe to one’s eyes? Of course, it would help if you got the hang of boxing, so you think it would be a good idea to work on building your muscles to knock out everyone else. You could also be under the impression that the more muscles you have, the quicker you’ll be able to bring your arm up to deliver a punch when you need to. Both of these suspicions are false, and if you follow them, you could find yourself in an unfavourable weight division and the middle of a challenging situation. The vast majority of people know that muscles take up a significant amount of space, and the more you have on your arm, the slower it will be. In this way, there is a delicate equilibrium, as if you had no force, in which case you could be easily walked over and overpowered. If you want to get an idea of the shape you should be in, you have to look at a world-class non-heavyweight fighter, and you’ll notice that they need more muscle. Nevertheless, it is the kind of shape you should strive to achieve. As a result of their size, nobody in the heavyweight division has lightning-fast hands, so heavyweight fighters could benefit from displaying an additional piece of muscle because force is more significant in that division. We live in an era of monstrously large heavyweights; however, if you look back to Muhammed Ali, you will see that he was an incredible fighter despite not being muscle-bound. Even Deontay Wilder is unable to lift numerous enormous loads. Therefore, resist the temptation to build up your muscle artificially. You probably weren’t thinking about Sir Isaac Newton when you wrote this post, but he was the one who discovered the relationship between force and mass multiplied by acceleration. In its basic form, absolute power combines the moving mass and the object’s speed. If you have less muscle but can throw that shot significantly faster, then the actual power you apply will be significantly higher than it would be if you had more muscle. If you have large arms, it is probably time to stop doing seat presses, switch to using hand weights, and focus on more difficult pushups instead. It may appear strange not to have the greatest arms in a fight, but all you have to do is look at the greatest warriors who have ever lived to understand why this is the case. They were all incredibly quick, and none of them had particularly large muscles for their size. If you have the largest arms in the gym but also have the slowest punch, you are wasting your time by trying to box. There is no point in having the greatest arms in the gym if you also have the slowest punch.

Muscle Summary:

  • You will become less agile if you add more muscle.
  • Avoid lifting weights that are too heavy.
  • Reduce your muscle mass if necessary.

3. Increase Your Core Strength

Well, I just told you to forget about the muscles, and now I’m advising you to zero in on them, but now I’m referring to the muscles that aren’t on your arms. Well, I just told you to forget about the muscles. Your entire body must move to throw a left hook, and a progression of development occurs through your legs, through your hips, across your back, and then finally through your shoulders before your arms start moving in any event. If your body is average, then so, too, will be your punch. Strengthening your legs, core, and back muscles will help you develop essential boxing muscles that will assist you throughout the fight. On the other hand, similarly to how you should avoid gradually lifting heavy loads with your arms, you should focus on activities that are more taxing on your muscles, such as running, sit-ups, and jumping rope. It will allow you to build up your strength more quickly.

How to increase core strength:

  • Remember to give your legs some exercise!
  • Therefore, a significant amount of abdominal exercise is needed.
  • Make sure that your workouts are concise and intense.

Man Training Boxing Gloves

4. Perfect Your Technique

Because your punch needs to travel from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, you must ensure that you throw it using the appropriate technique. If your opponent can anticipate your shots, it will be fine how quickly you can fire them because they will still be able to hit them. However, there are some warnings that you need to sidestep to pick up the pace. When we talk about speed in this context, we’re referring to the time that elapses between when you decide to throw a left hook and when it connects with your opponent. If you take a significant breath back with your arm, your opponent will know that you will throw one before your arms begin pushing forward. You will do so because you have given them a heads-up. When it comes to your hit, the proper technique entails tossing it directly from where you are positioned. If you point or pull your elbow back before you hit your opponent, they will be able to anticipate your blow and prepare themselves accordingly. The same principle applies when throwing a major prevailing hand left hook. The temptation is to turn this back to throw your most remarkable shot, but there is little point if your opponent knows it is coming. They will either throw their gloves at you to secure it or punch you back. Again, you must have the choice to convey the speed properly. When facing an opponent, throwing a punch straight out from where you are positioned is in your best interest rather than finding your arm back to do so. It is the situation in which tossing in mixes can also be indispensable, as you can conceal your real punch behind bluffs and fakers at this point in the game. For example, you could throw a half-right uppercut, then a half left. Then you could close the distance between you and your opponent and let that lightning speed come over in a snare that will be devastating. It is connected to having the necessary speed, but it is also connected to appropriately utilizing that speed.

Technique tips:

  • Don’t point out your elbow. You a jab
  • Please don’t give away your dominant punch by telegraphing it.
  • Combinations are the key to delivering your most devastating blows.

5. Use Speed Training

You can increase the speed at which your body functions in many different ways. If you practice getting faster, your body will adapt and become more agile due to your efforts. Your muscles adapt to how you train them, so if you sit on a bench and slowly squeeze large loads of weight, those will be the muscles you have. If you are vigorously sidelining less weight, then your muscles will be at the level they are at now. At that point, which type of gloves were better suited for boxing became crystal clear. You are looking for a limited amount of opposition your body will fight against. As it is fighting against a limited amount of opposition at speed, your body will, at that point, create muscles that will make you quicker. You are looking for a limited amount of obstruction that your body will battle against. Utilizing substantial gloves is likely the method that proves to be the most successful in this regard. Because this involves a significant number of activities considered to be industry standards and because it is not solely a race, having larger gloves will protect your hands while you are getting ready. You could try shadowboxing with larger gloves, but you could also try it with hand loads; this is an additional fantastic way to speed up your hands and build the necessary muscle that you require. Additionally, lower leg loads can be utilized, and doing so will assist in accelerating your footwork. It’s possible that carrying light loads is the most efficient way to increase your speed. When you’ve gotten used to wearing them for a while, you’ll also have an amazing experience when you switch to lighter gloves. The next piece of equipment we will discuss is located in the recreation centre and is called a speed sack, which is appropriate given its name. The speed back is a great exercise that teaches you how to plan and execute a speed. You used to see recordings of Floyd Mayweather doing it easily, simply with one hand while we weren’t looking. Utilizing a speed sack is a good idea, even though it might require some investment to get to that ability level. Again, you used to see recordings of Floyd Mayweather doing it while we weren’t looking. The twofold end pack is excellent exercise centre equipment for speed that will help you with your planning and skill. It is also an excellent piece of exercise centre hardware. In addition, the best practices will assist you, such as using a jump rope (click here to see our picks for the best boxing hop ropes), competing in groups, performing sit-ups and push-ups, and so on. When performed ferociously, these will help you move more quickly while in the ring.

Best speed exercises:

  • Put on bulky gloves and train with hand weights.
  • Make use of speedballs as well as double-end bags.
  • Use classic resistance exercises.

6. Breathe and Relax

However, if you are tense, how could that affect the speed of your punches? Being loose in the boxing ring is significantly more difficult than expected. You won’t be able to throw effective and successful punches if you are too close to one another, which is likely the case if you are all fighting. You have to make sure that you are not restrained in any way so that you are ready to throw those punches and do so with all of your speed. You need to make sure that you are exhaling with each punch because the way you breathe will have an effect not only on your planning but also on your overall health. When you release that hand, you should ensure that you inhale and are ready to throw the next one at the same speed. If you inhale in the wrong way or at an inappropriate time, it may put you in danger and cause you to become exhausted quickly. Therefore, proper breathing is a significant component of enclosing, as though you inhale in the wrong route or at some unacceptable time, it may.

Breathing tips:

  • Exhale completely between each blow.
  • Do not take breaths with your mouth wide open.
  • Make an effort to inhale and exhale through your nose.

Putting It All Together

When it comes to boxing, some different perspectives must be assembled to be considered an incredible warriors. It would be best if you gained proficiency with the right strategy, the ring makes, protection, boldness, and self-restraint, among numerous other ascribes. Many of these are mental, as you need proficiency with the right strategy. There are multiple ways to construct both force and speed, which brings up an important point: the basic components of force and speed can be constructed in various ways. However, in terms of which one is more significant, it is easy to argue that speed is the more important factor. Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s punching power was never particularly impressive, particularly in his later years and after he suffered hand wounds. However, because he never slowed down, he could have kept his perfect record if he had chosen to do so. He needed to improve in strength, but he made up for it with his speed. If, on the other hand, you were to take the opposite approach and create a fighter who lacked both speed and power, you would end up with a competitor who was significantly easier to defeat. Competing strategically with someone with a slower hand speed is much more difficult, so working to improve your own hand speed is essential. However, you will never be able to convey that speed if you are not healthy, so ensuring that you are in tip-top shape is the first step in ensuring that your punches remain quick. If you want to know what the ideal body shape looks like, all you have to do is look at a professional fighter’s physique. When you are healthy, you should get rid of unnecessary muscle, your body should be lean, and you should try to emulate that. After achieving the ideal body shape and level of health, the next step is to perfect your technique to ensure that your speed is communicated in the most effective manner possible. Finally, you can cut down on that speed by using strategies you learn at the fitness centre and engaging in short, unstable activities; these will prepare your muscles to be at their best for boxing. When you have all of that, you don’t want to ruin it by acting too tense and tight in the ring because you don’t want to lose it all. So remember everything you’ve been taught, make sure your breathing is correct, and get ready to unleash all of that speed on your next opponent.

How To Increase Your Hand Speed – Our Top Tips!

Boxer Punching Bag

Manny Pacquiao, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roy Jones Jr., and Muhammad Ali are some names that come to mind when thinking about boxers with the fastest hands. Other names that come to mind include Sugar Ray Robinson and Roy Jones Jr. Even at the beginner level, worrying about your hand speed is essential to hone your skills, so there’s no need to wait until you reach the expert level to start worrying about it. Furthermore, increasing your rate increases the likelihood that you will hit your opponent first and makes your developments unusual. It makes your performance look better in front of the judges as well. However, hand speed does not just make a competitor look amazing; it also makes them a destructive opponent in the ring. If your punches are quicker, they are more likely to make a cut.

Persistence Brings Perfection

If someone can poke, snare, uppercut, counter, and cross you in a split second and faster than you, you might be in for a frightening surprise. Working on your hand speed will help you become more proficient in jabbing and better prepare you to defend yourself as quickly as possible after throwing a jab or when you are in a precarious situation. If you are currently of the opinion that it is not important, let us acknowledge that hand speed does not just come into play with aggressive development; rather, it is equally as important for cautious development, as was mentioned earlier.


It should come as no surprise that hand speed is one of, if not the most fundamental ability that a fighter can work on improving. You need to combine this knowledge with precision, force, endurance, and different perspectives to succeed. If you want to have an overwhelming impact in the ring, give this aspect of your preparation a lot of thought. This quality in and of itself demonstrates that the effectiveness of so many hostile and guarded fighters depends on their hand speed. Even at the beginner levels, speed is emphasized above all else; therefore, a fighter should anticipate becoming as graceful as possible. Take a look at our most important pointers if you want to learn how to improve your hand speed, which can be improved in a few different ways.

Learning The Basics

A fast psyche rises to snappy reflexes and everything in the ring begins with your boxing cerebrum. Your hand speed will endure in the event that you are excessively tense, being solid is counter-profitable, in the event that you load up a lot on your punches, at that point you have more possibility of leaving yourself open.

Being tense won’t hone your brain or response time, all things considered, you should fuse practices that will improve your hand-to-eye co-appointment.

Speed Bag

Remember that we are only discussing developing one skill here, so the speed pack should be the most important part of your hand speed exercises. However, it should be separate from your daily practice because we are only discussing developing this skill. Although you might believe it was developed specifically to increase hand speed, this is not the case. Instead, it goes above and beyond to improve your engine abilities, such as skill and timing, and it also helps detail a tendency for you to keep your hands up. When you have achieved a significant degree of timing, which is essential for a successful puncher, you will have figured out how to finish the memorable song of the speed sack. It will allow you to complete the speed sack. They don’t consider it a dance in vain because it lifts your mood throughout your body.

Benefits of the speed bag

  • Improved neuromuscular connection.
  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination and dexterity.
  • Encourages more coordinated movement throughout the entire body.
  • It is recommended that you keep your hands raised.

The Double End Bag

The double-end pack is an excellent way to improve your reflexes because it enables you to train with a limited amount of time and focus on a single objective. Performing this action requires you to be alert and focused at all times, bringing your planning and reflexes into the condition. Instead of immediately attempting to imitate what the professionals do, you should focus on perfecting single punches or blends of one and two punches. It is better to practice the basics until they become second nature rather than to set yourself up for failure by attempting to tackle difficult situations for which you need to be adequately prepared. You won’t find a device very similar to this in any other game, and it has the potential to be utilized in a variety of ways to experiment with a wide variety of combinations of punches and blends. Although it is common practice to attempt to replicate actual battle sequences or starting combinations, this gives you an even greater opportunity to be creative. The twofold end pack allows you to improve your precision while also learning how to make the most of your force, which is essential if you want to improve your hand speed, which is meaningless without accuracy. In addition, you will need to learn how to manage your energy effectively by throwing errant shots with quick hands. So instead, practice with the double-end sack to improve your hand speed and determine how to make the most of your available resources. Work on throwing quick mixes and inhaling as required. It is possible to change the bounce-back flexibility to give you a horde of preparing punching expertise meetings. Lastly, Work on tossing quick mixes and inhaling as necessary.

Focused Breathing

You may have noticed that the pros inhale to a specific beat when tossing their blends. There is a reason for this, which will be discussed in the following paragraphs. But first, it’s a good idea to let the air out of your lungs before applying force with a punch. When you see a competitor snort or make commotions while punching, it is typically another select strategy for breathing out. Yet, it also enables them to throw some hostility into their punches. The quality of your breathing plays a critical role in determining the amount of energy delivered to your accomplishments.

What do we mean by this?

If you are moving quickly or quickly, you won’t be able to provide your body with enough oxygen or nutrients if you try to inhale slowly and deeply. It will prevent your body from having the option to keep a decent speed. It would be best if you put some effort into learning how to take punches in various ways to have a well-rounded arsenal of moves to use in the ring. Under these particular circumstances, one of how you can improve your overall exhibition is by paying attention to the speed at which you perform your hand movements. (Give it a try to throw punches while maintaining a moderate breathing rate, and you’ll see how quickly your air supply depletes, to the point where you won’t be able to keep it up for very long.) The contractions of the muscles, the heart rate, and the breathing all work together.

Practise Shadowboxing

It would help if you had an imaginative mind to think of someone or something before yourself. The objective is to surprise your opponent with a variety of punches that they won’t see coming to gain the upper hand. In addition, shadowboxing allows you to practice making concessions, such as trading power for speed. In casual sparring, the most effective way to work on improving hand speed is to practice sharp snares and snap punches. Circling shots will be seen from a fairly far distance, taking a lot of time and energy and leaving you open, so short snares and snap punches are the way to go. You can push the limits of your grasp speed training by using small hand loads as free weights or weighted wrist lashes. It will allow you to take risks. Alternating between the two will provide your muscles with various improvements. After some time has passed, the additional weight will make your hands feel as light as a feather, and you will notice a significant increase in speed. Try going for circuits of three minutes each, but give yourself a break of one minute and ninety seconds in the middle of each set. When things get too easy, increase the number of sets or the weight. Strong perseverance is necessary for steady hand speed, enabling you to throw proficient punches for a longer period without becoming exhausted.

Benefits of shadow boxing

  • You can do it anywhere.
  •  Allows you to improvise and express your creativity.

Boxer Fist Wrapped

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands can be purchased for a low cost and are exceptionally versatile. Furthermore, the fitness centre or instructor you go to will have some Resistance Bands that you can use. They offer competition in confined spaces, whether in pressing factors or flexibility. Obstruction training may sound conventional, but it is essential for expertise acquisition. Not only will it cause your muscles to grow and become more extensive, but it will also improve your recovery. When you practice your punches while wearing arm protection, you will have a greater range of motion, allowing you to punch with greater force and speed. If you want to increase your hand speed and punching power completely, you need to start by working on the body as a unit from the beginning. Opponent groups can track the progress of your standard development plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does it mean to have heavy hands?

It may seem like something to be thankful for in boxing if you have heavy hands, but the reality is that it’s not. Blundering is a term that was given to boxers who have average hands, slow development, and little impact after they hit their target. Because almost none of the punching power comes from the arms, you need to ensure that your hands are quick and light to have a decent punch assortment.

Q. How fast can a boxer punch?

However, Ricky Hatton was observed to throw punches at a normal speed of 25 miles per hour, and one was thrown at a great 32 miles per hour. Of course, it will vary greatly between weight classes, but Ricky Hatton was observed to throw punches at this speed.

Q. Does punching with weights increase speed?

Totally! When you punch with loads, the muscle strands in your skeletal muscle are worked harder, which causes them to split down and work back up more grounded and impressive. Try it out now: first, throw a bunch of punches while holding a few small loads in your hands; then, try throwing the same punches without holding anything; this will help you understand what we mean. Before we conclude, please see some quick hands. Finally, we want to introduce you to Gary Russell Jr., if that’s all right.

Concluding Thoughts

You play rugby, basketball or tennis, but only some play boxing because it requires you to combine many different skills effectively. If you want to be an exceptional fighter, you need to be able to do this. Utilize our tips and combine them with the other information on our website to become all you can be. It is one of the most difficult games to master, but it is also quite possibly the most satisfying.

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